Liquid laminates are cost-effective, easy to apply, and do not require extensive equipment.

Clear coatings are an inexpensive way to protect prints, fine art, signs, banners, awnings and other products.

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Marabu develops and manufactures top quality products backed by responsive customer service and complete technical support. Marabu’s core products include liquid laminates (clear coatings) and inks for large and grand format digital printing, as well as screen and pad printing inks. Our coatings are formulated for sign, vehicle / fleet graphics, digital printing, fine art printing as well as a host of display and specialty graphic applications. Marabu also manufactures application fluids and adhesive remover formulated for use with pressure sensitive vinyl.

Marabu liquid laminates feature the most current innovations in ultraviolet light absorbers and light stabilizers that offer protection for many products. Use liquid laminates for:

Digital Inkjet Output

Printed and Airbrushed Products

Traditional Signage and Graphic Art Applications

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Our ClearShield® coatings are premium grade, high-performance products. We created them specially to protect inks from ultraviolet exposure, abrasion and marring, and provide resistance to chemicals and water


Compatibility Chart


ClearShield Classic

"A high-viscosity water-based liquid coating for enhanced UV-protection, chemical and abrasion resistance. For use on most non-water sensitive materials. Can be hand applied with a brush or roller. ClearShield Classic offers the highest film build of all of the formulations. It is perfect for vinyl, banners, andsuitable for vertical applications."


ClearShield Classic Lite

"A low-viscosity water-based liquid coating for enhanced UV-protection, chemical and abrasion resistance. Can be hand applied with a brush, roller or with automated spray equipment. Classic Lite offers the same great protection as ClearShield Classic but is an option for those seeking a laminate with a lower viscosity."


ClearShield Wall Armor

"Our Type II Certified solution specifically formulated for wall covering applications. Wall Armor is compatible with latex, eco-solvent, and UV inks and is both scratch & stain resistant. Wall Armor can be applied by hand in a brush or roll application, by automated spray equipment or with a liquid laminator such as the StarLam 1600R."

ClearShield StarLam

"ClearShield for the StarLam is specifically designed for use on our StarLam roll-to-roll laminator and it also works on other liquid laminators with the same great results. ClearShield for the StarLam provides enhanced UV-protection, as well as chemical and abrasion resistance."


ClearShield Canvas Guard

"ClearShield Canvas Guard is specifically formulated for use over water-resistant canvas and Gicleé applications. Canvas Guard is highly flexible allowing the user to stretch their canvas after coating. Canvas Guard is the ultimate protection for canvas."


ClearShield Type C LL (also known as ClearShield Canvas Guard StarLam)*

"ClearShield Type C LL (also known as ClearShield Canvas Guard for the StarLam) is formulated for use over water-resistant canvas and Gicleé applications that are coated on the StarLam roll-to-roll laminator or other automated liquid laminators. ClearShield Type C LL is highly flexible allowing the user to stretch the canvas after coating."


ClearShield Production Clear*

"Originally formulated for use over eco-solvent inks, Production Clear has proven it's versatility over time as the only water-based laminate recommended for use over UV-inks as well."


ClearShield Anti-Graffiti*

"ClearShield Anti-Graffiti is highly flexible and highly chemical and UV resistant. Anti-Graffiti is perfect for applications in high traffic areas, and makes the surface easy to clean."


ClearJet A2000 Solvent-Based

ClearJet is a solvent-based laminate for use on water-sensitive inks and substrates. ClearJet A2000 is highly flexible and easy to apply. Consider ClearJet for applications where ClearShield is not an option due to the water-sensitivity of the materials being coated.


ClearJet Fine Art*

ClearJet Fine Art Version is our solvent-based option for fine art applications that are water-sensitive. It is highly flexible and will not cause discoloration or react with the ink jet receptive layer of fine art substrates.


Benefits for your business:

Lower material costs: Liquid Coatings are considerably less expensive than laminating films, depending on material and application

Lower process costs: Liquid Coating by means of roller coating eliminates the need for time-intensive post-print cutting

Purpose-designed: Products specifically designed for each application instead of allpurpose coatings of unspectacular quality

Consistent quality: Machine application for industrial and reproducible quality - on rigid and flexible substrates

Suitable for outdoor use: With a high-grade sandwich combination of film, ink, and coating

First-class results: Whether glossy or matte, our coatings provide complete and even coverage without "orange peel effect"

* Stocked in U.S.

Application Liquids

Vinyl application fluids are designed to make the application of pressure sensitive vinyls and decals quick and easy by allowing you time to position your graphics and remove air bubbles prior to adhesion. The application fluid wets the surface, allowing you to slide the graphics until you get the exact placement. No need to worry about the adhesive sticking before you are ready. And application fluids are great when working with large graphics.


Concentrated Splash is the most cost effective application fluid on the market for pressure sensitive vinyls and decals. For over 14 years, experts have been using and accliaming this product. Its unique concentrated formula promotes faster adhesive, and its friendly, safe, and easy to use.

Window Juice

Unique, economical fluid that works great for wet application on glass and windows. Allows time for you to position your graphics, and eliminates bubbles and wrinkles. It works under extreme weather conditions, and will allow you to remove transfer tape fast.

Action Tac®*

This ready-to-use fluid for pressure sensitive vinyl and decals is less aggressive than other fluids on the market. It will not attack transfer tape or cause seperation. It smells great and doesn’t have any harmful ordors making it a great product for prepping and cleaning as well.

Grafix Gone

Softens adhesive residue for removal within 90 seconds on most surfaces. It will not burn most plastics, or harm latex paint. No extra cleanup after removing adhesive residue, and smells good too.


Marabu StarLam 1600R -- Part 1: Startup and Running

Marabu StarLam 1600R -- Part 2: Cleaning

How-to Apply Marabu Clear Shield By Hand